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    We have assisted many customers with their move to the Veneto region of Northern Italy. Veneto boasts breathtaking scenary, rich history and magnificent architecture. There are many fantastic places to visit, and is a great region to travel to or live in. Whether it is your first time to Veneto, or you’ve been mulitple times in the past, Veneto will help you fall in love with Italy, and you will feel right at home in no time! The food in Veneto is unlike anywhere else in the world, and the local ingredients make it taste simply divine.

    We offer removal services to Veneto direct from the UK, and also worldwide. Our expert knowledge and industry recognised experience makes us a forerunner for European removals- a service we have provided for decades. Our packages can be uniquely designed to meet your every requirement, and include collection from locations in the UK/worldwide, as well as return- if you’re moving from Italy to the UK.

    We can provide removals/relocation services to all areas in Veneto, Italy

    From 1999, we have held the recognised standard BSEN 12522, specifically at removals for the gain of the private individual- it is the first and only standard of this type. We assess our staff, administration and procedures annually to ensure we are continuing to match, if not exceed the standards expected of us.

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    Venice Removals

    Veneto was part of the Roman Empire until the 5th century AD and ruled for centuries as one of the largest maritime republics in the world. It is the 8th largest region in Italy, with a total area of 7,103.9 square miles. Veneto’s climate changes significantly from one area to another, with its continental plains being warmer than the coastal and hilly areas. Veneto is divided into 6 different provinces, with Venice and Verona being the most populous and popular amongst visitors. The region has a total of 4.8 million inhabitants, and the state is the third richest in Italy, having a total GDP of €166.4 billion. The regional industry is especially made of small and medium businesses, which cover several sectors- wood, footwear, textiles, jewellery, chemistry, electronics and metal-mechanics. Veneto hosts one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Padua, founded in 1222. Investigations show that education achievements in Veneto are amongst the highest in all of Italy. Veneto is an important wine-growing area, producing Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Pinot Nero, and many others. The famous dessert Tiramisu originates in the region, being invented in the 1960s in a restaurant in Treviso. The area of Lake Garda is a major tourist destination, with towns along the lake, such as Lazise, Bardolino and others, acting as resorts. Abano Terme has its own thermal baths, and prove popular with visitors, as well as locals. Most of the people in Veneto speak Italian, along with widespread usage of local varieties of the Venetia language. Many cheeses are made in the region, including soft Asiago cheese, used in salads and sandwiches, to Grana Padano, a hard cheese commonly grated over pasta, stirred into soups and used in salads.

    Venice Removals

    Venice, in Veneto, has 417 bridges, of which 72 are private. There are around 350 gondolas in the city, and 177 canals, with the Grand Canal being a very popular spot with visitors. Venice’s Basilica di San Marco was completed in 1092, and is surrounded by St. Mark’s Square, a principal public square which has designer shops and banks around the outside. Venice is built on millions of petrified logs that are deep in the ground. These logs were from Alder trees brought in by boat from such European countries as Slovenia and Croatia. Skateboards, Roller Skates and Bikes are not allowed in the city, with big fines being issued if you are caught using them. The city of Verona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and boasts a subtropical climate, characterised with hot summers and cold winters. William Shakespeare set multiple plays in Verona, including Romeo and Juliet, the Taming of the Shrew and the Two Gentlemen of Verona. The arena in Verona has 25,000 seats and is still considered the largest Roman stadium still in use for events. Verona is located 100 kilometres away from Venice and has been listed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world by many websites. Although the story wasn’t based on real people, a Romeo and Juliet inspired balcony and statue attracts big crowds of people from all over the world and is located at ‘Juliet’s House’ in Verona. These two cities, as well as other surrounding towns and cities, with the beautiful coast, vast plains and divine cuisine, helps establish Veneto as a popular location for people looking to relocate to Italy from the UK. We are proud to run high-quality removals to all areas within Italy and have operated Veneto removals for many years.


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