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We have had many customers that needed help with their move to the gorgeous city of Basel in north-west Switzerland, and it is a location we know you’ll fall in love with! It offers the winning combination of tasty views and divine food, and its unique culture and famous history makes it a stand-out, award-winning city. When in the city, there is no shortage of things to do, and whether you want a holiday cottage, a retirement home or after a new life abroad, we know Basel will tick all your boxes. Whether you’ve been to this spectacular city before, or you’ve never experienced its beauty first hand, it is safe to say you will really love Basel!

We can offer a range of services for a variety of removal intentions, so whether you’re moving directly from a location within the UK, or from another European country, we’ll tailor a package to suit your requirements. Our industry experience contiunes to make us the best local choice for your big move, and we’ll be sure to exceed your expectations!

We provide a wide range of removals services to the Swiss city of Basel

We’ve held the quality standard BSEN 12522 for two decades and we are proud to say it’s the first standard of its type, aimed at removals for the individuals’ benefit. We continue to receive high-praise due to our dedicated staff and their professionalism, as well as their attention to detail. We continue to exceed expectations of us through assessing our staff and procedures annually.


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Basel in Switzerland is set on the river Rhine and is the third most populous city in the country. Located on the French, Swiss and German borders, some of the suburbs of the city are in the other countries and is has around 74 municipalities in Switzerland. The official language of Basel is German, although the main spoken language is the Basel German dialect. Over 94% of the city’s exports are in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. On the hole, Basel account for 20% of the country’s exports and it generates one third of the national product. Basel was ranked in the top ten most ‘liveable’ cities by Mercer in 2019, beating popular holiday destinations and major cities such as Toronto in Canada, Wellington in New Zealand and San Francisco in the United States. The first known settlement in the area was as early as the La Tène period around the 5th century BC. In the 7th century, Basel minted its own coins, and under Bishop Haito, the first cathedral was built. The city was partly destroyed by a Magyar invasion in 917. The name of Basel derives from the Roman toponym Basilia, first recorded in the 3rd century, meaning ‘king’ and ‘royal’. 6.1% of Basel is either rivers or lakes, and all the water in the municipality is flowing water. Basel is twinned with Shanghai in China and Miami Beach in the United States, as well as the US State of Massachusetts. Basel can be divided up into 19 quarters, and the city has Switzerland’s only cargo port, which connects to ‘ocean-going’ ships at the Port of Rotterdam. Basel’s airport is set up for airfreight, and the city is a big rail hub with three main stations. By car, the A3 motorway runs through the city and five bridges connect Greater and Lesser Basel. In the city is Switzerland’s oldest University, the University of Basel, which formed in 1460. Today, it is counted as one of the 90 best educational institutes worldwide. There are a number of heritage sites of national significance in the city, and these include the whole of Old Town Basel as well as a number of churches, monasteries and secular buildings. The Basel Tattoo, founded in 2006, is the world’s second largest military tattoo in terms of performers and budget, and they take part in an annual parade in the city, which draws in around 125,000+ visitors. Zoo Basel is the most visited attraction in Basel, and second most visited in Switzerland, with over 1.7 million entrants per year. It has several breeding successes, including the first worldwide Indian Rhino birth, Greater Flamingo hatch and many others.

Switzerland has many beautiful Town Halls, but it is no question that Basel’s is one of the most striking. An enormous tower, gorgeous blood-red walls, gilded baubles and tiled roofs makes the building stand out, it is a key site of interest for those the visit the city, and it stands out from miles away. Most visitors to Basel are aware that the city is famous for its Läckerli, and has been for over 700 years. Basically, Läckerli is a hard gingerbread that originally was produced for New Year but is now available all throughout the year. It is made from a mix of honey, nuts, candied fruit, spices and other treats. Shared or eaten solo, the treat is a food loved by all. Harvest is also a popular time to enjoy these treats which translate, roughly, as ‘small and delicious’.  On the banks of the Rhine is the Minster building, which dominates the skyline- its red sandstone exterior stands out, and its twin spires, diamond patterned roof and beautiful views of Switzerland and Germany make it popular with those visiting the area. Popular with tourists, The Kellergaesslein, behind St Peter’s Church in Basel, is the only remaining territory of the Prussian Empire, having been forgotten about in the treaty which led to the establishment of Germany. With the help of  the magnetic qualities of local rocks, the Rhine is the only river in the world that flows uphill, in the narrows by the power station at Birs. Art is very popular in the city, and the Museum Tinguely is an museum which contains exhibitions of the works of Swiss painter Jean Tinguely. Situated in the Solitudepark, the building was designed by Ticinese architect Mario Botta. History is also important to those in the area, and the Gate of Spalen is a landmark in the centre of the city and is one of three remaining 15th-century gateways from the city’s ancient walls. Every street, almost, is home to a Doner kebab shop are and they provide an affordable yet tasty meal, perfect if you are wanting to eat out on a budget. Rolls of bread are usally served with most dishes in the region, but the Schlumbergerli is a simple roll that originated in Basel, common all over the country, that is enjoyed on its own! Even the crust is crisp, and in the late 19th century, a Basel resident commissioned bakers to produce a recipe he had for the rolls, and they grew in popularity. Popular in Basel are the cookies Basler Brunsli, which started in Basel (as featured in the name), and are filled with chocolate, hazelnut and spice. Especially popular during the Christmas period, they are typically gluten-free and have a memorable flavour. Not many people will struggle to find things to do, see, eat and drink whilst in the Basel area, and it really is a stand-out European city for those looking to retire, start a new life or simply find a holiday home location. In Basel, Armishaws have been operating removals for over two decades, and we continue to be one of the most popular removals providers. So many of our clients are impressed with our customer service, so call a member of our team today to start planning your big move today!


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