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    The biggest headache for anyone moving overseas is dealing with customs. Your dedicated Removal Coordinator will guide you through the process from start to finish.


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    We’re planting over 2,000 trees to help lessen the impact of carbon emission and create vital habitat for wildlife.

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    8 Quirky Facts

    1. A Plan For All Seasons
      Almeria isn’t just a great beach destination, there’s so much to do all year around – watersports, caving, diving are all available close to the city. There are waterfalls to explore, horse-riding throughout the year and in the winter months you can go skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains.
    2. Desert-ed
      30km northwest of Almeria is Desierto Tabernas Europe’s only desert. Snakes, cacti, scorpions, black widow spiders, eagles, it’s home to some fascinating flora and fauna, what it doesn’t have is a lot of rain or cafes, so go prepared.
    3. Weather or Not
      The nearby desert could be a contributing factor to Almeria being one of the driest cities in Europe with an average rainfall of just 200mm (approx. 7.5 inches if you’re old school). Average temperatures rarely dip below 19°C and have never been recorded below 0°C. So you probably won’t need those winter woollies.
    4. Gone All Hollywood
      During the 1960s and 70s, the rugged landscape of the Tabernas desert became a famous movie location, in particular for ‘spaghetti westerns’. Sergio Leone shot cowboy flicks starring Clint Eastwood here such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, and A Fistful of Dollars. It doubled up as Africa for Laurance of Arabia, and Cleopatra. Most recently it was used in the HBO smash hit Game of Thrones. Movie buffs can visit locations, many of which are open to visitors (when not shooting) as well as Wild West cowboy shows (with actual shooting!).
    5. Imagine
      In 1966 John Lennon also filmed in the area. Lennon was playing the part of Private Gripweed in Richard Lester’s black comedy How I Won The War. During his time he stayed in a 19th-century mansion with his first wife Cynthia Lennon. Cynthia claimed the house was haunted and Ringo Starr who later visited said in his autobiography, “You expect all kinds of heroes with swords to come swinging round the corner on a chandelier! What a great place for parties. I was convinced beyond all doubt the villa housed many beautiful spirits.”. While staying Lennon wrote the immortal hit, Strawberry Fields Forever. A statue to the rock icon stands (or rather sits) in the city centre.
    6. Not Very Civil
      During Spain’s bloody civil war, 1936-39, Almeria was targeted by repeated bombing. To help keep its citizens protected the city built around 4.5km of tunnels known as Refugios de la Guerra Civil. Over 1km of the tunnels are now available to visit in guided tours which only conducted in Spanish.
    7. Park Life
      Deserts to the north and 40km along the coast to the east is the fabulous Cabo de Gata-Nijar National Park which is the largest nature reserve on the Mediterranean coast. It’s wild and untamed in places, home to pirate fortresses and Moorish castles, thousands of different plant species and fascinating wildlife. It’s ideal for horse-riding and jeep safaris.
    8. Oldie But Goodie
      In the 1880s, Henri and Louis Siret were mining engineers working in the region, who also had a passion for archaeology. They found a Copper Age city site at Los Millares, which is now one of the country’s most important archaeological sites dating back to 2700BC. The city covered 47 acres with defensive walls and towers, a foundry, homes, along with a cemetery containing over 100 tombs. Almeria is no spring chicken either, it was home to the Romans who called it Portus Magnus and to the Moors who effectively gave the town its modern name Al-Marīyah, meaning “Mirror of the Sea”.

    Top Attractions

    La Alcazaba
    First built in 955 by the Moorish leader, Abd ar-Rahman III, the stunning old fortress sits watch above the city. It was added to by subsequent rulers and is well worth a visit.

    Central Market
    The market’s what Spanish life is all about, amazing fresh produce and wonderful flavours, crafted over centuries.

    Museo Refugio de la Guerra Civil
    Telling the story of Almeria’s struggles during the Spanish Civil War (1936 – 1939, the museum is set within a section of the 4.5km of tunnels that sheltered the city’s inhabitants from the bombing. Tours are mostly conducted in Spanish.

    Mini Hollywood
    Take a tour of the Wild West as depicted in classic Hollywood movies that used this region of Spain as locations, such as A Fistful of Dollars and TV shows including Game of Thrones.

    Museum of Almería
    Learn about the thousands of years of history that helped shape Almeria, from Roman and Moorish occupation to the Spanish Civil War and beyond.

    Roquetas de Mar
    Including Blue Flag beaches, there is mile after mile of golden sand, watersports, cafes and beach life to enjoy.

    Aire de Almería
    The ancient baths that were a staple part of life under the Romans, Greeks and Ottomans. Visitors can relax in candlelit wooden tubs, drift in salt water, enjoy a massage or detox in a sauna.

    Tabernas Desert
    Incredible scenery and wildlife awaits visitors with a range of safaris and tours to explore showcasing some of Spain’s most incredible scenery.

    Some of Spain’s most beautiful, yet relatively quiet and undiscovered beaches are located in the Almeria. Thousands of tourists choose to holiday and move to unique part of Spain every year (no way near as many as other areas).

    Every type of beach from sand to shingle is located within the Almeria region so it is guaranteed that you will find one that suits you.

    Beautiful and untouched beaches are almost impossible to come by nowadays so a move to Almeria will enable you to be one of very few people lucky enough to enjoy them.

    Spanish Removals

    In Almeria. They take place mainly for the benefit of local people, however, tourists and new comers to the area are more than welcome.

    A variety of commercial shops can also be found in most areas of the Almeria, enabling new comers to use familiar and well stocked shops, before making the progression to using local markets.

    Handicraft and beach stalls also frequently appear in Almeria, where you will be able to purchase of products of local peoples skills.

    As with the majority of Spain the Almeria has the common facilities one expects including:

    • Fire, Police and Medical Emergency Services
    • Local Doctors and Hospitals
    • Many small local schools
    • University

    Costa Del Ameria Shops

    The nightlife of Almeria is relatively quiet and low key when compared to more popular areas of Spain with tourists.

    However, there is certainly not a lack of local bars, cafes and restaurants to keep the more relaxed and laid back individual satisfied. Seafood restaurants are especially abundant in the Almeria area, with a unlimited source of locally caught product.

    Although the majority of the Almeria area has a low key nightlife towns such as Roquetas de Mar and Almeria do have a selection of busier cafes and beach front discos for the livelier individual.

    Costa Del Ameria Nightlife

    Almeria is an extremely popular destination within Spain for nature lovers worldwide.

    Almeria has a wild western like countryside landscape and unique coastline, with long sandy beaches and small intimate coves. Both of which support an array of wildlife found nowhere else on the planet.

    Moving to and/or living in Almeria will allow you to enjoy the huge variety of wildlife in this area of Spain all year round.

    For more specific information on Almeria and what else it has to offer please contact the Almeria tourist board or local government. These are also the organisations to talk to about local legislation and property buying.

    Spanish Wildlife

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