Removals to Spain- a Quick Guide

Removals to Spain- a Quick Guide

Many Britons dream of packing up and relocating to sunny Spain, whether it’s for retirement, business or to be with family, and there are many positives in doing so. Spain is one of our most popular European removals locations, and its stunning weather and idyllic pace of life attracts many. We have helped a large number of people start their life in Spain, but what has this beautiful European country on the Iberian Peninsula got to offer?


The cost of living in London is 47% more expensive than living in Barcelona, and 48% more expensive than Madrid. The cost of food in stores and restaurants is sometimes as much as half the price compared to Britain and Scandinavia, the same goes for clothes and services. People living in Spain tend to spend less on rent and groceries, but eat out more, to save time and enjoy the finer things in life.


Spanish food is nothing short of spectacular. The traditional dishes vary depending on which region you live in, but the tapas, sangria, jamon and gazpacho will make you completely fall in love with the country. Each Spanish dish offers a variety of flavours, with a fine balance of pretty colours and exquisite taste. The famous “Spanish Diet” is based on olive oil, fruit, fish and vegetables, for which the Spanish cuisine is known for.


Spain is a country that has one of the best all year-round climates in Europe. The southern regions are one of the most attractive for sun seekers during the cold winter months. Southern Spain has 320 rain-free days on average per year, and rainfall is very rare. If a beautiful, warm location is what you are after, Spain is the clear choice.


The Spanish culture has influences from Romans, Barbarians, Moors and French. Today’s culture is a mixture of all of them, and it is visible in the architecture, language and food. The history of the country is very interesting, and there are several museums and castles in the country where you can learn more about the vibrant past of Spain. The landscape of each region is stunning, and the architecture truly is a sight to behold.


Spanish is often considered as one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It is also quite fun to learn and is spoken by 450 million people around the world. It takes a while to learn it fluently, but when you have, you will be able to express yourself in a different way and experience the country from a whole new perspective. What better opportunity to try something new than by immersing yourself in the culture and scratching up on your Spanish.


Spaniards are usually very pleasant and familiar. If you show interest and consideration, they will welcome you with open arms and treat you like family. They also like to greet with a hug and a kiss, and they are not afraid to say what they think. Most people you come across will be very polite and calm. If you’ve learnt Spanish, your relationship with the locals will be even better, but regardless they’ll still welcome you if you show appreciation.


The typical Spanish expression of ‘mañana mañana’ meaning ‘tomorrow morning’ is appreciation of life and not getting stressed out. It is meant to encourage people to value the important things in life, and not get caught up in work. Whilst it may be frustrating a t first, you’ll learn to embrace ‘mañana mañana’ as you settle into Spanish life. During the baking hot summers, there are often ‘siestas’, where a short nap is taken after the midday meal, to help reduce stress and to cool down during the heat.


Having operated in many regions of Spain, we’ve learnt that no matter what you are looking for, Spain seems to have the answer. Whether it’s sunny beaches, beautiful cities, or vast countryside, there really is something for everyone. Those looking for a busy and engaging city life will tend to choose Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia or Seville, however those wanting the sea air and coast will opt for Costa Blanca, Costa del Almeria, Costa del Sol or Costa Brava.


Whichever region you are moving to in Spain, the people there are proud to be from that particular area. Markets sell locally produced meat and vegetables, restaurants provide meals which use locally sourced ingredients, bakers often drive/cycle down the roads in towns and villages, selling homemade bread, milk and pastry. The regions act like countries, having rivalries with other areas, having their own flags and their own signature dishes. Everyone is very proud of the area they live in and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

We offer a full door to door service, designed to give you complete piece of mind so that you can focus your time on starting your new life in Spain. We can provide small or large loads, and have extensive experience in European Removals, which we’ve operated for over three decades. We are here to minimise the stress of a move and let you focus on get immersed in all that Spain has to offer.

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