Moving Day Checklist

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Moving Day Checklist

Moving day delays are often avoidable. Something has been forgotten, something packed that should have been kept handy, people aren’t properly prepared. If we had a pound for every time our crews had to sit, drinking tea, waiting for their homeowners finished getting things ready, we’d be able to afford all those cups of tea!

So here’s our easy moving day checklist to keep your move on track.

Moving Day Checklist

At Your Old Property

Dress For Action

At some point you will be getting hands on, whether that’s carrying every box or just tidying up. Wear older clothes you’re happy to get dirty and sturdy footwear.

Check Access

Clear over hanging branches or other obstacles that might make life difficult for the removal van/s. If the moving vehicles will be parking on the road, make sure there is adequate space outside your property (have a friendly word with the neighbours if needed).

Pet Safe Zone

Create a calm, safe space for pets by placing bedding, toys, food and water in a quieter room. Clearly mark the door so your removals team know not to enter.

Cover Floors

Use plyboard, or cardboard boxes (print side up) to protect floors from the many shoes that will be walking through. For extra protection use a layer of (clean) plastic sheeting underneath. Make sure it’s well anchored with no trip hazards.

Wet Weather Precautions

  • On the day, make sure all the family have boots and coats handy (so don’t pack them too early!).
  • If the ground needs protection, use plyboard or cardboard boxes to create a walkway. Do not use planks or scaffold boards, although strong they can move underfoot.
  • If you can, borrow a pop-up tent or awning (that you won’t have to pack and take with you) as a makeshift command post-box depository for items you might need to keep out of the rain.
  • Wheelie bin sized bin bags can be useful for covering boxes or wooden furniture on route to the van (make sure you reuse them in your bins to reduce waste).

Moving house in wet and cold weather

Hot Weather Precautions

  • Have a cool box handy with extra drinks.
  • Keep sun cream, hats and sunglasses ready for younger movers.
  • If you can, borrow a pop-up tent or awning to create some shade for delicate items and for your crew.



Keep Valuables Separate

Some removals companies won’t be covered for transporting expensive items like jewellery, cash, watches, stamps, etc, so these may need to travel with you. Ask your removals company in advance for exact details of what they can and can’t transport.

Print Paperwork

You might have them stored digitally but make sure you have a printout of all the essential paperwork to hand in case you lose your internet connection or your device’s battery fails.

Moving Day Survival Kit

Have a moving day survival kit ready containing; toys/food/drinks for pets or children, medication, phone charger, old keys, paperwork.

Pack A Moving In Bag

Prepare a bag with the essentials you’ll want when all the chaos has finally subsided, toothbrush, pyjamas, etc. That way you won’t be hunting for things at the end of what could be a very long day.

Plan and pack for moving house
Metre Readings

Take final metre readings (and photographs).

Essential Tool Kit

Prepare a bag/box containing basic tools so they’ll be handy when you inevitably need them; knife, screwdrivers, allen/hex keys, packing tape, scissors and lightbulbs (in case they’ve been removed from the new property).

Look After Your Crew

Yes, they are paid to do an excellent job, but having some cold drinks or showing appreciation really can go a long way in ensuring your team go the extra mile (we mean work hard, not keep going past your address!).



Last Day Check

Check all windows are closed and locked and switch off water (stopcock), gas and electricity at the fuse box/mains.

Final Sweep

Do one final sweep of the entire property, including outbuildings, loft spaces, garages, before your removal van leaves in case something has been missed.

Removals Supervisor

If you’re leaving before your van/s, arrange for a friend/family member to stay behind to supervise the removals crew, to ensure nothing is missed and everything is locked up.

Moving Day Checklist

At Your New Property

Garden Safety

Ensure your new garden is pet/child friendly by securing any potential escape points before you let the little animals run free (and yes, as a family run company, we’re including children in that!).

Check For Forgotten Items

Inspect your new property for any items the previous occupants might have left behind by mistake. Set them aside for the owners to collect later.

Metre Readings

Read the utility metres and take photos for your new billing.

Pet Safe Zone

Set a room aside for your pet away from strangers, boots and noises. Place bedding, toys, food, water and items with familiar smells to keep your pet calm. Clearly mark the room so your removals men don’t enter.
Moving house with Pets

Safe Item Space

Set aside a room or space to place valuable or fragile items, away from the hubbub of the many items and boxes coming in.

Assemble The Essentials

Once your removal team has left, assemble essential items such as beds, bedroom curtains, dining table and set-up a TV to keep young movers entertained, they’ve had a long day too and will need some down-time. Our tip is to do it as soon as possible, you don’t have to reassemble your bed at the exact moment you really want to get in it.

Annnnnnnd breathe!

Congratulate yourselves on a job well done with wine, chocolate, a take-away or a lie down in a dark room!


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