How Average Is Your Home?

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How Average Is Your Home?

Think your bathroom is too small or your kitchen doesn’t measure up? See how your home compares to UK averages.


1 | Size Matters

The average British UK back garden is 15-metres long, the average living room is 17.09m², and the average kitchen is 13.44m². The average number of members per household is 2.3.


2 | Work In Progress

45% of all UK homeowners consider theirs to be a “work in progress”. Just 22% are happy with their home the way it is.


3 | ‘ow Much?!?

In a lifetime the average homeowner will spend £36,000 on decorating. According to research homeowners spend on average 104 hours each year decorating and 493 hours per year cleaning.

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4 | Doing It Yourself

15% of homeowners decorate at least one room every year. 10% of people leave it ten years between decorating. When it comes to choosing colours, 47% of women make the design decisions compared to just 37% of men. 28% of us admit to pinching design ideas from a friend’s house.


5 | Tree Me Up!

Trees add value. Homes with mature trees self for around 25% more than similar homes without trees. While houses on avenues lined with trees fetch a higher price than matching homes on tree-less streets.


6 | Car-buncle

Back in 2021 the RAC estimated that of the 11,000,000 garages attached to UK homes, less than half are actually used to store a car.

Toy Car

7 | Colour My World

Upset that your neighbour has just painted their house Barbie pink? Don’t be, according to Home Owners Alliance, homes on brightly coloured streets can sell for anywhere between 2% and 65% more than less colourful streets in the same area.


8 | Tight Fit

Small gardens are one of the 10 most common factors given for wanting to move home. Other top reasons include changing jobs, increased family size and kids leaving home.


9 | Moving On Up

The average distance of a UK house move is 9 miles.


10 | Keep Moving

The average Brit moves home 8 times in their lifetime.


Average UK Property Sizes


Here’s a complete guide to average sizes/features of UK property;

  • The average home has 2.95 bedrooms.
  • With 2.3 members per home.
  • The average garden is 15-metres in length.
  • The master bedroom covers 13.37m² on average.
  • The average kitchen is 13.44m².
  • The average number of cars per household is 1.2.


  • Overall size; 199m²
  • Number of bedrooms; 1 – 2


  • Overall size; 252m²
  • Number of bedrooms; 1 – 2

Terraced Houses

  • Overall size; 375m²
  • Number of bedrooms; 2 – 3

Semi-detached Homes

  • Overall size; 315m²
  • Number of bedrooms; 3

Detached Homes

  • Overall size; 482m²
  • Number of bedrooms; 4

On average UK households spend…

  • 104 hours a year redecorating
  • 493 hours a year cleaning

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