It IS Easy Being Green

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It IS Easy Being Green

If you’re welcoming spring by starting your own mini green revolution at home, here are some simple ways to save money and help save the planet.


  1. Roll With It

The average, four-person household uses 1.1 toilet rolls per day. Have you ever checked to see how green your loo rolls are? There are now a number of eco-friendly brands using recycled paper or even bamboo.


  1. Big Butts

Rather than using water from the mains, collecting water in water butts can drastically help prevent the depletion of our reservoirs. Simply by harnessing rainwater, you can make your garden even greener and save money if you’re on a water metre.


  1. Bang Up To Date

Older appliances tend to be less efficient, meaning greater fuel consumption and greater fuel costs. Is it time you upgraded your old machines?


  1. Wrap It Up

Poor insulation is one of the greatest causes of heat loss in our homes. Lag pipes, insulate drafty rooms and loft spaces, even stopping drafts will improve your home’s energy performance.


  1. Make It A Double

Ridding your home of single glazing and switching to double glazing (even secondary glazing) can reduce heat loss and bills.


  1. Have A Refill

Refill shops are cropping up everywhere. As well as organic, sustainably sourced staples like dried foods, all with zero packaging, you’ll often find other eco-alternatives on offer, such as cleaning supplies and beauty products.


  1. Bulk Up

If you can’t find a refill shop, buy in bulk, larger containers means less packaging waste and lower costs.


  1. Add Some Greenery

House plants like bromeliads remove over 80% of nasties from the air, and they look good. Plants have also been shown to reduce anxiety and depression.


  1. Say Goodbye to Greetings Cards

The UK sends over 800,000,000 greeting cards every year! The environmental impact from the production, waste and transportation of cards to our homes, has led to more and more families ditching traditional cards and finding other ways to send the love. Why not shoot a fun Tik-Tok style video instead?

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