Easy Office Move Checklist

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Easy Office Move Checklist

Let’s be honest, although many employees and clients don’t like change, it is a big advantage to help keep things fresh, and improve costings, space and efficiency. Many businesses would prefer to relocate to help save money and resources. But what can be done to make the move faster and easier?

Planning an office move from one site to another can seem a lot like moving to a new house. To reduce lost sleep and precious man hours you need to make sure everything is organised and planned. So here’s a few simple tricks to help reduce the impact for your staff, customers and productivity as our experts lift the lid (and several large boxes!) on how to make your business move more efficient with a simple office move checklist.

Starting Planning Early

Most people underestimate the time it takes to pack goods securely and safely, especially something with a large inventory like an office. Never wait until the last minute as the packing will be rushed, and items are more likely to be damaged. It is better to make sure that all of your items are wrapped up safely and securely, and that every item is accounted for (and well labelled!), rather than wait and pack so fast that you have to cut corners and do a bad job at bubble-wrapping your computers, or favourite mug.

Leave the vital elements (such as customer facing sales teams, vital IT systems, etc) until last so you can trade as usual for as long as possible.

Moving Day Planning

Assign Storage Space For Your Move

Create a space where the elements of your business you can get packed and ready can be stacked ready for your removals team. You can then make steady progress in the run up to the big move and reduce the amount of items needing to be packed last minute.

Office Removals

Arrange For Key Departments/Personnel To Work From Home

In recent times there has been a massive shift to people working from home. For some companies it was vital in order to keep operating during the Covid pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. There are online services that can reroute incoming calls to your teams’ mobile phones or landlines. Video conferencing can allow departments to communicate for meetings. The key is to work out what you need to ensure the least disruption for your customers (they’re the ones that pay the bills) so they are kept unaware of any chaos happening as you move lock, stock and HR department.

Removals Planning

Print Box Labels For Staff To Fill In

If uninstructed every member of staff will have their own way to mark boxes (often badly) or worse still, not mark boxes at all. You’d be surprised how many companies overlook something that with hindsight seems obvious. Print out labels of exactly what a box contains and where it is to go at the other end. This will make life easier and quicker for your removal team and simpler to find what you need when unpacking. Be sure to mark all sides of the boxes as then if some are covered, it saves time picking up and moving other packages to try and find the details. It’s also good to number and print and inventory of exactly how many boxes should be where, then you can soon spot if a box is mossing or has been placed in the wrong location.

Pack Tech Separately

Computers should be wrapped separately in thick blankets or bubble wrap. Also, ensure all data and information is backed up, either online or on a physical drive, just in case a computer is lost or broken in transmission. With printers, remove the cartridges, tape down covers and follow specific instructions for moving machines since improper moving may void warranties. The more valuable the item, the more care you should take with it, and with computers, tablets, or technology that could easily break it’s best to take extra precautions. We recommend computers/tech, should be placed in their own separate box (one for each) and avoid placing items on top if possible.

Office Removals

Create Spreadsheets & Checklists

Checklists are a great way to avoid mistakes and be prepared for any eventuality. Think about an stacking/unpacking plan, for example; what needs to be opened first, putting heavy items at the bottom of piles with lighter on top to avoid damage, what will have to be set up first at the other end…. Although packing this way takes a little more time, unpacking will be quicker and a lot more efficient. It can take even more time sorting through boxes in no structured order. If you do label your boxes, then use a checklist to ensure you haven’t missed anything. A ‘Big Move Spreadsheet’ is a great way to create an inventory (for each room/office/department), set timelines, assign tasks, and create a running order for the day.


Call In The Experts

Yes, you could save time and money on your move by doing it yourself, but you could lose more of both through loss of productivity. An expert removals team will know exactly what needs to be done and in what order. While your company is unique to you, the logistical problems of planning an office move is something experienced removals crews will have seen before and a good team will help save you time and money.

  • Shorter time spent pack and loading.
  • Know exactly what to load where for easier unpacking and setting up.
  • Know how to pack items to prevent/reduce potential damage and breakages.
  • Do all the legwork, do you really want Duncan in accounts risking his bad back?
  • Navigate any problems or unexpected issues.

At Armishaws our experienced, trained crews really have been there, done that and wear uniformed T-shirts (plus photo ID). They’re all background checked and experts at what they do. We’ve moved porcelain manufacturers, shops, IT companies, even homes and private offices at Kensington Palace. Send us a quick enquiry for a free survey.

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Be Prepared That There Will Be Issues

“The best laid moving plans of mice and men…” Even the most meticulous planning can hit snags but it’s important to not get annoyed at every little thing that goes wrong. Listen to your removals team, they might not know your business, but they do know removals and how to avoid issues before they occur. Give them as much information as possible about access, parking, fragile items, etc. You should also look at insurance coverage for your belongings. Whether you’re overseeing the entire move, or just packing away your items, it is important to not let it get the better of you. Be organised, keep to your plan, and if anything changes or doesn’t go your way, then just take things one step at a time, and you’ll find seemingly big problems are simpler and easier to overcome than you think.

Removals Hero

Make The Most Of Your Move

It’s a great marketing opportunity so have a press announcement ready for local and trade press to get some free advertising. Invite valued customers, suppliers, contacts, press to an opening ‘do’. It’s a good way to meet face to face, renew and strengthen relationships and wow people with your new improved premises. Use social media to spread the word, send out a newsletter, temporarily change your email footer… It’s a big deal, you don’t get many chances to shout about the inner workings of your company so plan ahead to make the most of this big, exciting event.

Take Charge

Thank Your Staff

Studies show that staff who feel part of a team and appreciated achieve better results. Moving is a big upheaval for them too. It’s interrupted their work, altered their commute, changed their daily status quo (“My new desk isn’t as close to the window/coffee machine/pot plant!”). A little thank you can go a long way.

Thank You

To summarise our

Office Move Checklist

  • Start planning early.
  • Allocate storage space for the move.
  • Plan for key staff to work from home.
  • Print box labels for staff to fill in.
  • Pack tech separately.
  • Create a task checklist.
  • Get a professional removals company.
  • Be prepared, there will be problems (so don’t panic!).
  • Tell your customers, use it as a marketing tool.
  • Remember to thank your staff.

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