How to avoid food waste when moving home

How to avoid food waste when moving home

Moving house is a notoriously stressful time with so many plates to spin, so you might be thinking ‘what has wasting food got to do with it?’

Apart from perhaps boxing up the slow cooker that gets used two or three times a year and dusting off the cake mixer that’s been neglected recently, most of us leave the packing up of the kitchen bits to the last minute – and why not? It’s a room that we use multiple times a day, it’s hard to know what will and won’t be used and during a move when it is particularly good to keep tummies happy. It not only helps keeps food related anger at bay, but gives you the all important energy to keep you going throughout your move.

In the run up to a move though it is good to plan your meals and buy only the necessities to keep you going. Tinned food and bags of pasta can be heavy and bulky and although they have a long expiration date, you could avoid more weight to your move by considering your meals beforehand.

Armishaws Removals are your environmentally friendly removals and storage company. We have been taking a good look at ways in which we can make the service that we provide more green and less wasteful. In particular we have been evaluating our Carbon Responsibility and making our services more environmentally sustainable.

This also includes thinking of ways in the team that we can be less wasteful and making a big effort to recycle as much as we can day to day in the office and on the road.

So what else can you do to avoid food waste when moving home?

Organise your food shopping and kitchen before the move

When you book your removal company in advance it should give you plenty of time to plan and although your food shopping might not be top of the list, it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

Once you have a moving date in mind, take a good look in your cupboards, fridge and freezer so that you know exactly what you have left. Although taking your cupboard essentials with you is a possibility, it could save you some time with one or two less boxes to pack and then un-pack again at the other end.

Get creative with your meals to use up your frozen foods and perishables goods in advance of the big moving day. It could not only be fun but also save you money too. It’s also a good activity to get the children involved with too. Don’t forget, moving can be stressful time for them too and having some fun activities in the lead up can really help!

As the big day approaches, start to limit the food that you buy and try not to put too many long lasting things in your basket that you are going to have to pack later. Try and buy only the essentials, especially in the week leading up to the move.

Cook in bulk and take food to work

If you’re used to popping out at lunch to grab some food from the shop, consider what this means for the food you are not eating from home.

If you have lots of meals or items to use up, why not make yourself some tasty delights that you can take to work with you instead. Consider meals such as pasta bakes and soups that help use up lots of ingredients that you can take with you and heat up.

Or why not treat the office? Cook up a big meal and feed your hungry work colleagues at the same time. Everyone loves free food and it means you have less in your cupboards when you get home – win win!

Donate to a food bank

If you have food left that you know you will not be able to use up and don’t want to take it with you, why not give it to those who need it and donate to a local food bank. Many supermarkets how have an area dedicated to food bank donations so you can help a family who might be in need.

Make sure to check the items that you can and cannot donate – and don’t forget to check the expiry date incase that packet of biscuits have been around longer than you think!

Prepare some food for moving day 

Moving home is hungry work so if you have things left in the kitchen the day before you move then why not make up some food to keep you going. Whether it’s a quick meal that you can eat hot or cold or a number of high energy snacks, making sure that you have food to hand can only be a good thing!

If you’re moving with children don’t forget to also make sure that they have plenty of treats to keep them happy. It will not only offer a few minutes peace after sitting them down to enjoy their packed lunch, it will help to minimise cranky, hungry children.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep your children entertained during a house move, we’ve got plenty of tips that we have gathered over our years of experience.

Pack food with care

The last thing you need on the day is a spillage that sees pasta sauce all over your new kitchen floor, or even worse, the carpet that leads to the kitchen! If there are a few essentials that you are taking with you, make sure that you pack your supplies well.

Items in glass jars are likely to cause the most mess in case of a spillage. Think jam, bottles of sauces and condiments, the type of food you don’t want to be cleaning up after a long day of moving. Make sure that you shield the glass containers in your boxes with extra padding to keep the glass from breaking.

Make sure you also seal the boxes well, in particular the bottom of the boxes so they do not break open as soon as you pick them up!

Organise your first food shop

With all of your food used up before you move, why not save yourself some more stress by organising an online food shop for the first couple of days in your new home. Getting organised and scheduling your food shop to be delivered once you move in can really help with getting you settled. It will give you time to get the kitchen set up so that you can then fill up the cupboards will all of your favourite things.

Cooking your favourite meals in your new home can help it feel more homely and familiar. Just like in the run up to the move, anything that you can do to get the children involved will also really help.

Our team of experienced movers have years of experience for you to tap into for your move. Hiring a professional removals company can really help take the stress out of your move and come with tips and tricks to help your move go smoothly.

If you would like to chat to a member of our friendly team and discuss your move then get in touch today. We understand that no two moves are the same and can help design a removal quote that is right for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!



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