A Quick Guide To Importing Your Car To Spain

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A Quick Guide To Importing Your Car To Spain

In order to import your car to Spain you must either;

  • Be a permanent resident.
  • Own a property in Spain.
  • Have a property rental agreement (minimum 1 year) and hold a Spanish driver’s licence.

If you are considering taking your car with you to Spain, it should be noted that there are greater risks for driving a right-hand-drive car than adapting to a left-hand-drive vehicle. Statistically it is more dangerous, a higher percentage of accidents occur involving right-hand-drive vehicles. Sight lines are greatly reduced, in particular when overtaking and at junctions.


Documents & Forms

  • Importation application form.
  • Proof of residence in Spain (such as a Residence Card) or photo ID from your country of origin (such as a passport).
  • A certificate from the local police stating you live locally.
  • Proof of property ownership or rental agreement (rental contracts must be for a minimum of 1 year).
  • Spanish driving license.
  • Registration document and fee, to register your car in Spain.
  • Proof of registration tax payment.
  • Proof of local car tax payment.
  • Proof of ownership/purchase of the vehicle.
  • Proof that VAT has been paid in the country of purchase.
  • Certificate of Conformity (Certificado de Conformidad) from the vehicle manufacturer or a certified representative.

Once your car has been imported you cannot drive the vehicle until you have been issued temporary (green) registration plates by your local traffic department. These are valid for a limited period (usually less than two weeks), during which time your vehicle must pass a Inspección Técnica de Vehículos (essentially an MOT) in order to be allowed to be driven permanently in Spain.


Number Plates/Registration

It is illegal to drive a car with foreign plates in Spain if you are a Spanish resident. Any car imported on a permanent/residence basis must be registered with the Spanish authorities.

Any tax/duty-free vehicle imported to Spain cannot be sold or transferred during the first year of its registration.


Spanish Car Tax

Spanish car tax is similar to the UK and is based on a vehicle’s emissions.

  • Less than 130 grams
  • 120 – 160 grams
  • 160 – 200 grams
  • Unrated
  • Over 200 grams



Driving Licence

As a resident you’ll need to apply for a Spanish driver’s licence and possibly pass a Spanish driving test. The process will depend on your country of origin, terms for UK drivers have changed since Brexit. Information regarding driving in Spain and licences required can be found on the You.Gov website (although at present these mostly refer to short stay and holiday makers).

For the latest information on all import, tax and licence requirements visit the DGT, La Dirección General de Traficó, website (information is available in English via the dropdown menu at the top right of the webpage).



All the above information was correct at the time of writing. Spanish legislation is liable to change and we recommend you check with the correct Spanish authorities in regards to importation and licencing prior to your move to Spain.


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