New Home Checklist

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New Home Checklist

With so much to do and arrange, it’s easy for some things to be forgotten. To prevent any last minute panics, here’s a complete, easy to follow new home checklist, covering everything you may need to consider/arrange before, on the day and after your move.

New Home Checklist

Before Moving In

Set Up Utilities

Shop around to find the best deals and arrange to have utilities connected for the day you are due to move in (in most cases this is done remotely and won’t require someone turning up on the day).

Broadband & TV

Similarly, make sure you have TV and broadband live on the day of moving in (especially if you have younger family members!).

Other Bills, Suppliers, Services

Council tax, home insurance, wood (for fuel burners), rubbish collection. If you prefer grocery delivers, you should also check which supermarkets deliver to your new address.


Change of Address

Ensure everyone that needs to be told has been updated. You can also set up a Royal Mail redirect service for a set period (3, 6 or 12 month options).


If you’re moving with children arrange to have their records transfered and order their new uniforms (most school websites give a list of local uniform suppliers).

Finding Schools

First Shop  

Book a shopping delivery of all the essentials to arrive the evening of your move or your first full day (don’t forget binbags and loo roll!).

Bulbs, Batteries & Curtains

Three things that are easily overlooked but often vitally important on your first evening. Some homeowners do take lightbulbs. Batteries may be required for smoke, carbon monoxide detectors. Even if they’re only temporary, make sure you have curtains (and a means of hanging them) for the first night.

Deep Clean

If time is on your side, arrange for a cleaning company to carry out a deep clean ahead of your items arriving at your new home.

Cleaning Your New Home

New Home Checklist

On Moving Day

Garden Safety

Check your new garden is child/pet friendly and make sure any escape points have been secured.

Sweep For Forgotten Items

Check rooms, outbuildings, loft spaces for any items the previous residents might have left behind by mistake.

Metre Readings

Read utility metres and take photos of the readings.

Pet Safe Zone

Create a safe, quiet, room for your pets by placing their familiar smelling bedding, toys, food and water (don’t wash bedding before the move, familiar smells will help them feel safer in the new surroundings). Put a sign on the door so your removals team don’t enter by mistake.

Safe Item Space

Set aside a room/area for delicate/fragile items to be placed, safely away from potential knocks or bumps.

Assemble The Essentials

Assemble essential furniture such as beds, hang bedroom curtains and set-up a TV for the kids. It’s best to get it done sooner rather than later. After a long day, you don’t want to head to bed and find you haven’t built it yet!

New Home Checklist

After Your Move

Locate Shut Offs

Find where the water stopcock, gas supply valve and fuse board are. If you have tradesmen coming to fit appliances or carry out work, you’ll make their job easier (and your bill cheaper), if they don’t have to waste time looking for those important switches.

Test Smoke Detectors

Make sure any smoke detectors are working. If you don’t already have one, invest in a carbon monoxide detector.

Lock Out Remedy

Decide where/who your emergency spare key is going, so you have a solution in place before it happens.

Register Locally

If you haven’t already done so, get all your household registered locally with a new dentist, medical practice, vets, etc. Have your patient files/records forwarded to your surgery.

Ask Your Neighbours

There will no doubt be all kinds of local delivery services or interesting artisan suppliers tucked away. Your neighbours will be a great source of local tips and handy companies you might enjoy.


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