Preparing for your removal

Preparing for your removal

Congratualtions on your sale!

That’s it, you’ve got the sale and we hope that you’re allowing yourself some time to get a little bit excited about your upcoming move. Although there are a few more hoops to jump through, soon you will have your keys and can finally get in the home that you have always dreamt of having.

Moving with Armishaws is a simple and easy process. Our services are designed around you, meaning that you get a complete bespoke move that is tailored to your exact needs.

A few tips to help you prepare for your move with Armishaws.

If you have not already booked you van, please try and give us as much notice as possible. Where a reservation is cancelled at short notice there may be an additional charge.

Please remember to give us your new address and if possible some directions for the driver. Any problems with access should have been discussed with our representative. Your new telephone number may be useful or a contact number if you are not yet connected.

Our vans carry carpet covers but these may not be sufficient if your delivery access is muddy and you have new carpets. This can be a problem on new developments and provision should be made for adequate protection. We are able to supply stairs and landing protection if required. If a fitted carpet is to be moved, it will need to be prepared in advance by removing all the fixing strips and lifting the edges away from the gripper rods.

Arrangements should be made in advance to disconnect gas and electric cookers, light fittings, gas fires, washing machines and dishwashers. Curtains, shelves and anything fixed to the walls should be taken down ready to move.

While we can not be held responsible for deterioration of any food in a freezer, it is often more convenient to move them full or partly full. Chect freezers can be prepared by putting loose items into three or four bin liners ready to be lifted out while the freezer is loaded. Uprights usually have trays that can be used for this purpose.

Our staff are not insured to work in a loft unless it is boarded and lit with a safe fixed access, so you will need to ensure that anything you want to take is brought down ready.

A normal chest of drawers can be moved with the drawers full of clothing. Do not fill drawers, chests or trunks with very heavy items making them difficult to handle e.g. Books.

Self-assembly furniture is not designed to be moved whole and often does not go back together very well if dismantled. While we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that such furniture will move successfully either whole or dismantled.

Anything you wish to take from the garden, shed, green house or garage should be prepared in advance. Plants should either be potted or their roots contained in a plastic bin liner. Garden tools should be tied in bundles, and swings, climbing frames etc, dismantled and ready. Contents of sheds and garages should be boxed and items such as paving slabs cleaned and stacked.

You or your representative should be present when the crew arrive to tell them what is to be moved and to point out anything to be left. When the crew finish loading you should check to ensure that nothing is left behind.

We will not be responsible for packing and moving items of jewellery, money or stamp collections as per our contract conditions. We are unable to insure these items.

It is often impractical to completely unpack on delivery due to time and space restrictions. Where it is possible, we will where requested unpack on to a flat surface.

Recent legislation has prevented the selling of insurance by unqualifies persons. Although as a business we are registered with the Finacial Services Authority, we have decided not to follow the complicated path of offering varying choice of insurances. Instead Armishaws have decided to provide you with our commitment of liability for your furniture and effects against any loss or damage. A commitment backed by our own insurers.

It is essential that you ensure your goods are adequately protected throughout your removal and the total value of your belongings should be specified on the acceptance form.

Payment is due, at the latest, the day before removal commences. A deposit will be required to secure a booking. Payment is advance is required when moving overseas and prior to delivering from store.

Your furniture is stored in sealed containers in our new warehouses. They are clean, dry, secure and fully insulated. The containers are loaded at your home whereever possible. You are invited to inspect our facilities for your peace of mind.

Certain items cannot be accepted for storage. These include: Food (except tins), gas bottles, paint and other flammable liquids. Plants may be stored subject to agreement.

Once packed and delivered to the warehouse it can be an expensive matter to locate and unpack items that may be required in advance.

Please tell us beforehand if there is something you are likely to need before the rest. You should give us at least 14 working days notice to have your goods delivered out of store.

We will normally expect to deliver goods held in our store to your new home. However, should you wish to make other arrangements there will be a ‘handling charge’ to bring the goods forward and hand them to a third party Deliveries to Europe or UK on part loads may not always be delivered in containers.

If you have any further queries or would like a FREE no obligation quote, please call FREEPHONE 0800 917 1051 to speak to a member of our team.

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