Where to begin packing in preparation for a house move

Where to begin packing in preparation for a house move

If you’re planning on a house move in the New Year, chances are you already have a list going for all the things that you need to do before the big moving day. The packing process is incredibly important so having a detailed plan before you begin is advisable.

Once you have your plan in place, before you even start packing make sure you set all the important bits to one side somewhere safe where they can be easily accessed. This includes important documents such as passports, birth/marriage certificates, mortgage details and insurance documents. The last thing you want to do it start sorting and moving things around and not know where these things are!

Over the years our team of dedicated professionals have helped many families move all over the UK, Europe and even further so we have picked up a few hints for the best approaches. Here are our TOP 5 TIPS for packing up your home in preparation for your upcoming house move.

1. Pack Early

No matter how prepared you feel and how detailed your list is, packing always takes longer than anticipated. This is especially true as you realise you have wasted hours looking through boxes of old photographs reminiscing when you should have been dismantling that old chest of drawers. If you start early enough you can dedicate some time to sorting through your belongings and decide on what you need to take with you.

Why not aim to pack a box a day over the Christmas holidays so by the time the New Year arrives you will have made a good start.

2. Pack the rooms that you need least first

It makes sense to pack the things that you use least, first. If you’re moving in the winter it means that you will not be needing your summer clothes or garden tools so why not start here first? This is also a good place to start in order to kick off the de-cluttering. For more tips on de-cluttering your home, read our blog post Decluttering before moving: your one-stop guide for preparing your home

Take it one room at a time which will not only help to keep you organised, it will mean unpacking your belongings the other end will be much easier as your things will already be together. Looking at everything that needs to be packed up can be overwhelming so approaching it in smaller tasks will make it feel much more manageable. Don’t forget to label your boxes too so that you know which box belongs where the other end!

Once you have sorted the stuff you use least, start from the top of the house and make your way down… beginning with the loft.

3. Pack fragile items sensibly

When packing delicate items the best rule to live by is less is more. Pack items such as glasses, plates, cups, vases etc in smaller boxes. Using small boxes will mean that you’re less likely to stack heavy things on top of the boxes. If you do need to stack things on top make sure to choose lighter items and boxes.

Wrap fragile items individually in paper or cloth and place them side by side in the box. For some items you might want to consider placing cardboard or foam between them. Fill any empty spaces with cloth or paper to prevent things from moving around.

4. Don’t over pack your boxes

Another benefit to using small boxes is that you are less likely to over pack them. On your moving day, there will be a lot of lifting and carrying so it is important to pack your boxes so that they aren’t too heavy. The last thing you want on your moving day is an injury!

Put light items in large boxes and heavy items in small ones and try not to cram too many items into a box—it is safer to have many boxes than a few that are incredibly heavy. By keeping your boxes within a reasonable weight range, you won’t injure yourself or any of the movers you hire.

5. Hire a professional removals service with packing expertise

We know that sometimes even just the idea of packing up your home and getting ready to move can be stressful and sometimes you just don’t know where to begin.

Not only are we specialists in UK Removals, European Removals and International Removals, we offer a complete packing service that is completely tailored around your requirements. Our packing service can range from everything to just your fragile items so if there is one area in particular you are least looking forward to tackling, let us do the hard work for you.

Our specially trained staff will wrap your most fragile belongings with care and skill and pack them into recyclable cartons ready to be transported to their new home.

Each of our vehicles are fully equipped with purpose made protective covers for dining tables, soft furnishings and white goods. We also have ample supplies of heavy duty bed and mattress protector bags and transit wraps are also carried.

Contact Armishaws Removals to find out more about our Removals and Packing Services.

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